"Time sure flies when you are eating free samples." - Pam Whitson
I have an inordinate love of indie music, travelling, and dumb jokes. Email me at alta(at)theboard.byu.edu.
If you're looking for an authoritative source, you've found one.
If you email me (at anathema@theboard.byu.edu) about music, math, economics, or anything at all, you will be my favorite. And you know you always wanted to be the favorite of some stranger on the other side of the internet.
Anne, Certainly is a romantic cynic who lives her life and writes about other peoples'. If you'd like to contact her to chat about life, Harry Potter, or hatred of bananas, you may do so at anne dot certainly at theboard dot byu dot edu.
...I don't care enough to type anymor
Small. Fast. Ferocious. Shoot me an e-pigeon at ardilla.feroz@theboard.byu.edu, because everyone needs a couple more e-birds in their lives. Except I am actually the sworn enemy of pigeons, so then again... maybe not. Life goal: I want to find and implement better ways to reduce food waste and take better care of rainforests.
mostly incoherent, will take a good bet, will sing you a spiritual or two, cannot eat fifty eggs.
Just here to master the web.
President of the United States
So apparently I actually have to put something here... I'm Dr. Occam.
"You're a good guy, mon frère. That means 'brother' in French. I don't know why I know that; I took four years of Spanish!" -G.O.B., Arrested Development

That pretty much sums up the nym.


Frère Rubik is a writer from Utah who occasionally changes his bio to see if anyone will check. He's keeping the joke about liking long walks along the Provo Beach Resort, because it's one of his favorite jokes. He has strong opinions about which people should go through which doors when entering/exiting the library in order to maximize efficiency and gets very annoyed when people do otherwise. He feels most sophisticated when he's reading works of fine literature at SLAB Pizza or eating SLAB Pizza while walking home. Why he equates sophistication with SLAB Pizza is unclear, but it's far too late to change it now. If he had a hammer, he'd hammer in the evening, but he doesn't think his hammering in the morning all over this land would be very much appreciated, so he would refrain.

Further questions, comments, and conversations are welcomed at frere(DOT)rubik@theboard(DOT)byu(DOT)edu
Just think of me as the Bachelorette's helper in her quest for love.
Fear me. But think I'm cute. And email me at guppyofdoom@theboard.byu.edu.
Haleakalā is a mountain on the island of Maui. It's also the name of a writer for the 100 Hour Board! I also answer to Haleoiuasdfaklvj, Halekamikima, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Email me at: Haleakala@theboard.byu.edu (just use a regular "a" at the end)

I'm a pretty laid back guy, but when it's important, I give it everything I've got. Contact me at kirito(at)theboard(dot)byu(dot)edu.
I am evil.
Just stay outta my face, chump. Or email me at luciana@theboard.byu.edu. Be cool.
I promise you'll be happy, And even if you're not, There's more to life than that— Don't ask me what.


-In a single day: Biked, ran and long-boarded over 17 kilometers to Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption

-Scaled highest peak of Noshaq Mountain (northwestern Afghanistan face)

-On Icelandic fishing trawler, earned keep as a boar swain (unpaid deckhand) for one day
Hey I'm Sheebs.
I'm just trying to understand people and the world around me, sometimes I think I do a pretty good job. I'm good at crying, music, and Twitter. If you actually read my new bio email me for your prize: sherpa.dave@theboard.byu.edu
It sounds mysterious....it's really not. I like computers, nerdy things, bowling, music. Email me at spectre(at)theboard.byu.edu
I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Email me at squirrel@theboard.byu.edu
Banter is my middle name...well I guess it's the last part of my 'nym....you know what I mean.
Looking for love. thebachelorette@theboard.byu.edu
In hopes that you're all not averse
to poetry, witty and terse,
the answers you seek
to your questions each week
have taken a turn for the verse.
Purveyor of all things scientific, musical, or geeky. Things I can do for you: (1) Explain sciency things in a way that actually makes sense. Includes academic papers. (2) Talk about books and music intelligently. (3) Google things. (4) Be really awesome. Ask me anything: entropyninja(at)theboard(dot)byu(dot)edu
Dog goes woof

Cat goes meow

Bird goes tweet

And mouse goes squeak

Cow goes moo

Frog goes croak

And the elephant goes toot

Ducks say quack

And fish go blub

And the seal goes ow ow ow!

But there's one sound

That no one knows

What does the Fox say?

Whatever the heck I want

Am I a young female fowl or a princess in hiding who has an unusual love of wind and is slowly recognizing her own strength? I'll let you know when I figure it out. Email me at thegoose.girl(at)theboard.byu.edu
It irritates.
I work alone. the.lone.musketeer@theboard.byu.edu
A group of explorers guaranteed to answer your exploratory questions (limited to Utah County unless you want us to explore someplace really awesome). The current Marauders are Prickles and Foxtail. Ask us a question about places to check out! Questions about what we're doing? Contact us at theboardmarauders@theboard.byu.edu
Here for all your (general) technology questions! I can't always answer questions about specific devices, but I'm happy to explain how things generally work. tech.guru@theboard.byu.edu.
Tipperary, noun 1. Small Irish town notable for being mentioned in "It's a Long Way to Tipperary", a popular song during World War I 2. 100 hour board writer notable for his stores of trivial knowledge, enthusiasm for sports and science, and his love of Taylor Swift. Email me at tipperary@theboard.byu.edu