My kisses are sort of limited to...well, female human things. -Claudio

About Uffish Thought:

Is the most senior Board writer, although she took a nice long break in the middle. Her 'nym comes from a nonsensical poem, chosen because she can choose it to mean whatever she'd like it to mean. In the past, she was gender-neutral. She isn't, now. Instead, she drives people batty by addressing her questions "Dear," instead of "Dear So-and-So."

Uffish is 23 years of age, prefers summer to winter, is passionate about a variety of unimportant things, sports red hair and freckles, has opinions to share on most topics, loves Threadless shirts, prides herself on having common sense but forgetting to use it, possesses a fondness for playing improv games badly, and really loves getting etiquette questions. There's a lot more, too, but the mystery makes her cooler than the facts would, doesn't it?

Those wishing to contact Uffish can do so at her gmail address. uffishwerf at gmail dot com. She welcomes the chance to clarify, chat, and to remember people actually read the things she writes.

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