"Time sure flies when you are eating free samples." - Pam Whitson

About Frère Rubik:

"You're a good guy, mon frère. That means 'brother' in French. I don't know why I know that; I took four years of Spanish!" -G.O.B., Arrested Development

That pretty much sums up the nym.


Frère Rubik is a writer from Utah who occasionally changes his bio to see if anyone will check. He's keeping the joke about liking long walks along the Provo Beach Resort, because it's one of his favorite jokes. He has strong opinions about which people should go through which doors when entering/exiting the library in order to maximize efficiency and gets very annoyed when people do otherwise. He feels most sophisticated when he's reading works of fine literature at SLAB Pizza or eating SLAB Pizza while walking home. Why he equates sophistication with SLAB Pizza is unclear, but it's far too late to change it now. If he had a hammer, he'd hammer in the evening, but he doesn't think his hammering in the morning all over this land would be very much appreciated, so he would refrain.

Further questions, comments, and conversations are welcomed at frere(DOT)rubik@theboard(DOT)byu(DOT)edu

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