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Question #10002 posted on 11/09/2004 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How many pikmin do I need to kill a spotty bulborb?


A: Dear Olimar,

How much pikmin would it take to kill a spotty bulorb, if pikmin could kill spotty bulorbs?

A spotty bulorb would die with as much pikmin as it could take, if a spotty bulorb could not avoid the pikmin.

In short, about seventy.

A: Dear Olimar,

I *love* that game! My husband and I play the cooperative mode together (I'm not into being competitive) all the time.

A: Dear Olimar,

According to http://www.gametalk.com/talk/cube/pikmin/54052401.htm , this is how you kill a spotty bulbord:

"Go around it and throw 3 pikmin on its back the go for its feet using the c stick."

- Some Guy