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Question #104 posted on 08/22/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What is a "real estate novelist"?
- John, who doesn't have time for a wife

A: Dear John, and a pitiful life you lead for not *wanting* to date,
A real estate novelist is someone who writes up descriptions of houses for sale and their dis/advantages. It's used as a reference guide.
Or, Paul is a novelist who writes novels about real estate. So "Real estate" must be a genre of fiction. A typical real estate novel would take place in a land of well-kept lawns, white picket fences and "For Sale" signs. The principal character would of course be the real estate agent. He's a novelist at heart.
In other words, Real estate novelists are so busy with what they do that either they 1) don't have time or 2) don't care to search out a wife.
- Sing Us a Song of The Piano Man