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Question #1064 posted on 10/21/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
In a no holds barred battle to the death, which Seinfeld character would win and why?
- Born Again

A: Dear Born,
Kramer. He's just bigger and more tenacious.
-I hated that show
A: Dear Evangelical,

Kramer without a doubt. He could simply knock them out by flinging the door open unsuspectingly-like when he enters the "arena".

- Mighty Quinn
A: Dear BA,

Haven't you seen the episode? George. Because he would fight dirty.

::: Latro :::
A: Dear Praise 'im:

Newman. First of all, he has the size/weight advantage, and second of all, he has the unscrupulous nature to win by any dirty means necessary.

-- The Keeper of the Peace
A: Dear BA,

First of all, before it's all over it's gonna come down to the big 3: Puddy, Soup Nazi, and Little Jerry the fighting cock. In the end, though, I think Soup Nazi is still raging enough to take it all.