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To Horatio the Literate,

In reference to your question from Unfundisi, what is the citation for your quote concerning Spencer W. Kimball's high opinion of Les Miserables? Forgive me, but I am a little skeptical in believing that one of the brethren would place it above books such as Jesus the Christ, Articles of Faith, or A Marvelous Work and a Wonder. However, if I can see a credible reference substantiating this, I am quite persuadable.

- Your Neighborhood Critic

A: Dear Neighborhood Critic,

Unfortunalty I do not have a citation to back up my statement. So, I will respectfully withdraw my statement.

Spencer W. Kimball did, however, talk about Les Miserables regularly, including in The Miracle of Forgiveness.

Humbly Yours,

Horatio the Illiterate