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Question #1073 posted on 10/22/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Everyday my lovely roommates and I walk up the hill on campus between the Botany Pond and the Greenhouses. What is the angle of incline for the hill? It seems like it is almost straight up and down, and every day I am amazed we make it to the top.

-Rethinking my decision to rent a house on 500 E.

A: Dear undecided:

Um, it is most definitely *not* straight up and down. Otherwise you'd have to climb up it like a ladder or a rock wall. Some rough triangulation puts the grade between 800 E and the motorcycle parking area at about a 20% incline, which is pretty steep as far as roads go. I live on 500 E and walk up and down that hill a few times a day, so I get a good workout.

-- The Keeper of the Humongous Calves