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Question #10836 posted on 11/30/2004 4:04 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Is it possible to say a sentence, run faster than the speed of sound so that you are in front of your words, and then stand and hear your sentance again? And when you run past your sentence, will you hear it backwards?
- Just Curious

A: Dear Just Curious-

In theory, yes to both. However, the air you displace by running so quickly wll form a large sound wave (a sonic boom) that will drown out whatever it was that you said. Nice theoretical imaginings, though. Einstein figured out relativity in essentially the same way.

-The Franchise
A: Dear JC,
I'm pretty sure that by the time you passed it up, you'd be too far away to hear it, too. Plus what the Franchise said.