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Question #11036 posted on 12/04/2004 4:11 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Dr. Oliver Sacks reccomended at least 4 books during his forum address on Tuesday. By the time I got my pencil and paper out I couldn't remember the authors, and only had a sketchy recollection of the titles. Could you give me a list of the books he reccomended?

- Anonymous

A: Dear anonymous forum attender,

"Elegy for Iris" by John Bailey
"Scar Tissue" by Michael Ignatieff
"Losing my Mind" by Thomas DeBaggio
"The Forgetting" by David Shenk
"The Loss of Self" by Donna Cohen

Dr. Sacks also made reference to Shakespeare's "King Lear," Swift's "Gulliver's Travels," Emerson's "Terminus" and his own "Awakenings." In addition, he mentioned an NPR series called "If I Live to be 100," produced by Neenah Ellis, who has written a book by the same name.

I recommend "The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat" and "Seeing Voices," both by Dr. Sacks, who is quite possibly my favorite writer.

- Katya