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Question #11142 posted on 12/06/2004 4:17 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why is the tassel for music majors pink? Is it symbolic, arbitrary, or a cruel joke? It doesn't bother me so much because I'm a girl, but if I were a guy graduating with a music degree I wouldn't like it. I know that pink used to be worn by little boys and blue by little girls, but those social norms weren't in place when tassel colors were agreed on by the National Board of Something or Other. Pink hoods? How much more feminine could it get?

- not all music majors are girly

A: Dear Not all,
Yeah, as if it wasn't punishment enough that most of those people are doomed to hyper-competetive career that frequently doesn't pay well, those poor guys have to wear pink tassles. Life just isn't fair, is it?