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Question #1127 posted on 10/27/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Where did the flu originate from? The first recorded case? How does a virus come into existence? I actually made an attempt to satiate my curiosity but unsuccessfully. I rely on the Supreme Board's omniscience to gain in knowledge and understanding at this point.
- Feeling sick

A: The flu originated in China. It is a airborne illness that jumps from pigs to humans. I guess they like their pigs a lot over there. Anyway, the first recorded case is hard to determine, but ancinet chineese records seem to indicate that the emperors court was ravished by a mysterioius illness that sounds like a leathal case of the flu. That was about 2000 BC, however, there were probably many cases before then. Scientists don't know how viruses came into existence. Some theorize that the viruses were methods of bacterial communication that went awry, but nobody knows for sure.

The Captain