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Question #11601 posted on 12/16/2004 3:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So, I've heard there's some sort of maximum credit-hours-earned limit and if you go over this limit, BYU will harrass you to graduate and/or take away your scholarships and/or charge you graduate tuition.

However, I don't seem to be able to get anyone to pin it down for me: I've heard it's at 120, 150 or 160 hours, that it does/doesn't include AP/IB credit hours, transfer credit, etc. I can't find an answer on the BYU website anywhere and the scholarship people were hazy. Help! What is this mysterious credit hour limit and where can I find the official info on it?

This is very important! As you may recall, I'm a freshman who has senior status already and I plan on double majoring. I don't want to get half-way through my junior year and find out that BYU doesn't want to pay my full tuition anymore. :P

- Rowen

A: Dear Rowen,

I tried searching BYU's website and Route Y, and I couldn't find anything official, either. Lucky for you (and unluckily for me) I've had almost all of the above happen to me, so I can tell you what I know from personal experience.

1-infinite credits (of any type): Congratulations! Any credit hours accumulated add to your registration priority and year standing!

80-90 credits (of any type): BYU will start sending you emails asking if you've forgotten to register for graduation. They will continue to send you these emails until you apply for graduation.

120 credits (of any type): Congratulations! You have enough credits to graduate!

120 credits (at BYU*): Our condolances. You are no longer eligibile for sp/su scholarships. (I'm basing this on the fact that I was denied one at 137.5 credits.)

8 full-time semesters at BYU: Our sympathies. Your 4-year full-tuition scholarship has run out.

8 full-time semesters on renewable scholarship at BYU: Our sympathies. You are no longer eligible for 1 year renewable full- or half-tuition scholarships. (Note: these do not have to be consecutive years. I was on half tuition scholarship for my 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th years because I didn't qualify for my 2nd year.)

150 credits (at BYU*): Our condolances. BYU will now put a block on your registration until you talk to your advisement center. (Happened to me at 152.5 credits.)

180 credits (at BYU**): Our sympathies. Not only are you no longer eligible for any scholarships, BYU will now begin to raise your tuition 10% per semester until you graduate.

Graduation: Our condolances. If you wish to enroll in evening classes, you will have to pay graduate tuition.

Infinite credits and your father/mother/legal guardian is a full-time employee of BYU: Congratulations! Your half-tuition scholarship never runs out.

*I'm basing the BYU-only credit statement on the fact that a friend of mine had over 300 credits due to transfer/AP/IB stuff and never had problems with either of these.

**I KNOW I saw this somewhere, mostly because I remember being a tad worried about it, but I can't find it on the BYU website. Either it's no longer a policy, or they just don't want you to know about it.

Like I said, I couldn't find any more hard data than you could, but this is what happened to me and when it happened. Basically, you shouldn't be penalized scholarship-wise for any previously accumulated credits, but your advisement center will probably send you "please graduate" emails every semester for the next few years.

- Katya
A: Dear Rowen,
I recently graduated from BYU with 168 credits. (My parents were freaking out.) When I got to about 140, I started worrying about the rumors of paying extra tuition for "advanced standing" and whatnot. So I checked into it. When I called the tuition office, they said to call the registration office. When I called the registration office, they said to call the graduate office. When I called the graduate office, they said to call the tuition office. You can see where this is going. Therefore, I don't think there is a real firm rule on this topic. Oh and my tuition never went up, either.
- Duchess