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Question #1167 posted on 10/28/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I hope that I can get a variety of answers for these questions:
1 What is the best date you have ever been on
2 What is the worst date you have been on (no names, just events)
3 What are some creative (within reason) date ideas for someone with a limited budget (not cheap, just limited)
4 Why do people get bashing the greatest part of BYU (the 100 hour board)?
5 Would reading the 100 hour board be a good date?
- do you want to do something this weekend?

A: Dear No,

1. A video/photo scavenger hunt.
2. She asked me. Came out 45 minutes late because she was "getting ready". Without going into detail, we didn't eat until 3 hours after we got there and by that time I had considered ordering a pizza for myself and having it delivered to her apartment.
3. See no. 1.
4. Jealousy. :)
5. Yes... but she has to be a special kind of girl to really appreciate The Board. (The same kind of girl who can appreciate Trogdor).

- Mighty Quinn
A: Dear Notachance,

1. H'mm. Probably the one were this one kid and I went to a relative's house for a casual family/friends dinner. Good food, good people, good conversation = good fun. No pressure. We did watch a rather silly movie. But this movie led to my understanding a rather obscure but funny comic.
2. #1--I asked a date from another school to a high school dance. While we were there, a dumb jerk from my school pegged my date in the forehead with a quarter. My date bled profusely and did not feel inclined to dance the rest of the evening. #2--This kid who never, *never* shuts up asked me out, because I happen to be a good listener. We went to a silent movie--pretty good. Then we went back to the kid's apartment with some friends. Although I had to get up at 3:00 the next morning, my date just kept talking and talking and talking. Some of it was about how early this kid would have to get up the next morning. Let's ignore the fact that *I* have to get up at 3:00 and focus on *you* getting up at 5:00 or something. Poor you. Also, first dates where my date knows everyone and I know no one, and my date insists that I know nothing and itself is brilliant (whenever this happens, we lose whatever game we were playing, because, hey--I was right, after all) pretty much stink.
3. Go to the International Cinema. Cheap, but not the kind of cheap that screams "cheap," like the dollar theater. Instead, it says "I'm cultured and cosmopolitan." Go on a hike. Cook dinner together. Play board games. Play party games. Have a scavenger hunt.
4. Don't mind them; they're just exercising their agency.
5. Only if your date likes it as much as you do. Maybe you could incorporate that into part of say, your 16th date, instead of your first. Or if things go well the first time and you're just chillin' back at your place, you could say, "Hey, there's this great site I know. Really funny. Come check this out. It's called the 100-Hour Board."