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Question #1196 posted on 10/30/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
what are the random facts of life?
- foodgroups

A: Dear foodgroups,
Well, there are many random facts of life. Here I will share a few:
Food that tastes good is almost never good for you, and, in correlation, food that is good for you almost never tastes good.
It is nearly impossible for a man to understand a woman's logic.
Whole milk is whiter than skim milk.
Dark carpet shows specks easier than light carpet.
The 100 hour board is omniscient.
Cats almost always land on their feet.
Buttered bread almost always lands on the buttered side.
If you feel like you did well on a test, chances are you bombed at least five questions.
If you lose something and buy a replacement, you'll find the item you lost the next day.
People will pay $10 for dinner at one restaurant, but refuse to buy a hamburger for more than $1.00
I need to go to work.

- Factfile