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Question #13274 posted on 03/04/2005 3:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I have video files in .mpg and .avi format on my computer. How do I burn them to a DVD? I think I need to convert them into another format to be burnable. What program does that?
- Videoer

A: Dear Videoer,

The only way to get this done right is, of course, on a Macintosh. There just ain't no way around that fact.

(If you do not have a macintosh of your own, there are two nicely equipped macintoshes in the Library)

If you want them all tagged together, you can simply use iMovie to edit them into a single film. If you would like them to be browsable, use iDVD to create a new DVD. You can then create different levels of menus.

Both programs are very user-friendly (of course... they're on a Mac) and should handle imports of .mpg and .avi format video.

Good luck to you.