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Question #1354 posted on 11/08/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What does "rastified" mean?

-Humbled college student who HAS checked the dictionary

A: Dear Humbled,

To "rastify" is to associate with Rastafarianism:

"A religious and political movement originating in Jamaica in the 1930s that bases its doctrine on selections from the Bible and regards Ethiopia as the Promised Land and Haile Selassie as a messiah, with many members advocating nonviolence and rejecting materialism." [dictionary.com]

In modern music culture and elsewhere rastafarianism has come to be loosely associated with marijuana usage and what could be termed "hippie" ideals.

Thus to be "rastified" could mean association with the political movement, or it could mean that something is coming to be tied to the drug culture. The state of being attributed to the described entity is contingent upon the morphology of the word- the participial form of the verb implies a change from a past state.

By the way, it's actually spelled "rastafied," though it isn't in the dictionary in that form either.

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