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Question #13653 posted on 03/15/2005 3:12 a.m.

Dear Uffish,

Are you a tree?

- Your Favorite Nerd

A: Dear One of My FN's,

What? A tree? Whatever could have given you that idea? (A derisive snort. Followed by muffled laughter. Followed by loud guffaws. Followed by a very straight, and rather unbelieveable face.)


-Uffish Thought

(This question, for those of you who are left in the dark, stems from my enthusiasm over a joke L'Afro told me. I enjoyed it very much, and as a direct result, told it to everyone within hearing distance. Imagine a small child initiating the joke.
"Ask me if I'm a tree."
"Are you a tree?"
Good, huh?)