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Dear 100 Hour Board,
why do they have groom cakes and brides cakes, what makes them different?

A: Dear Court,

Unlike the bride's cake, which is usually white and eaten at the reception, the groom's cake was originally a single-layer fruitcake that was boxed for guests to take home. (A single woman who slept with it under her pillow would supposedly dream of her future husband.) Nowadays, it's usually baked in the groom's favorite flavor, and often in a shape that reflects one of his hobbies or interests.

For my sister's wedding, our little cousins decided they wanted to make a cake because originally my sister didn't want one. Ultimately they gave in, and so the cousin cake became the groom's cake. It was huge--it had four massive heart-shaped cakes as a base and two on top of the base. It was only sent home with my family and we ate it for weeks.