"God blesses those who take out his sweet spirits." - Just Another Cassio

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I had some thoughts for Amelie, who doesn't want to miss anything in Paris. When I visited Paris, I was so sick of Europe and especially France that I didn't do much of anything. I never regretted not taking pictures of famous places/monuments/paintings, because other people have taken better pictures, which you can download anywhere online. The things I do remember fondly, however, are these:

-Visiting Disneyland Paris, where it was okay to act American.

-Walking around until I was lost, visiting little parks, and watching the French kids playing on the playground (French kids are tres cute!).

-Eating lots of French pastries/ice cream.

-Visiting less-known museums, like the museum of Jewish history.

Hope this helps Amelie with her last two weeks!

-Liked Germany better