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Question #13871 posted on 03/22/2005 3:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
A recent comment stated that Elder Wirthlin wore a blue shirt at a recent General Conference. When was that? I would have thought that I would notice something so out of the ordinary as that.
- Whitey

A: Dear Whitey,

Good question. I was wondering about that too. It's a really hard question to answer, though. To show you why, here are photos of Joseph B. Wirthlin at the last 16 General Conferences:

So you can see the problem we ran into. We can tell he didn't wear a blue shirt in the last 8 General Conferences, but we really can't be sure before that. Apparently, the Church only published black and white photos of General Conference before 2001. I was hoping that one of the black and white photos would show him with a shirt that was slightly more gray than it was in the other black and white photos (and thus we could assume that was the blue shirt), but unfortunately, each shirt looks as white as all the others (perhaps it is a very light blue shirt).

Since it was ~Dadro~ who made that claim, I would like to invite him/her to write in again and tell us which General Conference it was that Elder Wirthlin wore a blue shirt in. If we have that information, we could probably put in a request for a color photo of Elder Wirthlin at that conference. Until that happens, though, I'm afraid we won't know when Elder Wirthlin wore his blue shirt.

- Hephaestus