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Question #1394 posted on 11/11/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

A guy in my ward, who is a temple worker, said that it is official, from President Hinckley, that temple workers are not allowed to have facial hair, (I don't remember if the policy referred to beards or facial hair, but it really doesn't make a big difference.) He said the reasoning behind it resides in the fact that it helps to have an accepted appearance for temple workers, like the white shirt and tie for missionaries. But he did not say anything about the policy for any other members of the church.


A: Scruffy,

Thanks for helping clarify. You're quite right, it doesn't directly or explicitly apply to other members of the church, so I can't provide a paper trail that proves anything. I think it's significant to note that this reflects an obvious bias against facial hair- viz. if workers in the temple shouldn't have it in order to preserve the spirit, it must somehow have the ability to detract from the spirit... which theory I don't ascribe to.

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