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Question #14251 posted on 04/08/2005 3:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why is is that Virginia is for lovers? I've seen bumper stickers declaring is as such but no one I've talked to seems to know the reason why.

-The Evil Twin

A: Dear Evil Twin,

It is about 35 years ago that it was coined as a tourism slogan. Supposedly, Virginia's a great place for lovers because of all the scenery, mountains, beaches, historical sites, lovely little small towns, etc. So if you are a lover, I guess that means Virginia's for you, baby.

-Mr. Privacy
A: Dear Evil Twin,

Ever been?

A: Dear Evil Twin,

I've seen several items with "Yadda-yadda is for lovers." Just fill in the blank with whatever you want it to say. My friend had a t-shirt that said "Algebra is for lovers." It had a picture of two fish holding hands on it. Go figure.