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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was once told that in the Journal of Discourses, there was some reference to Brigham Young commanding the saints to grow pot and use it. I also understand that the saints who were in the Mexican colonies brought marijuana up to Utah and were using it recreationally.

Is this true? If so, where in the JofD can I find reference to Brigham Young actually saying this?
- curious

A: Dear weedeater:

Wow! I just discovered that Brother Brigham was seriously down with the cronic back in the day. I mean, from all evidences, that guy would get a fistful of blunts bigger than you'd see in a Cheech & Chong movie and he and his four hundred wives would just go to town, tokin' for like three weeks straight. Here's what he said:

It's Friday mornin, where the weed at?
Let me dip into my pocket for my fat weed sack
'Cos I wanna get high like a plane
in the sky with the indo cloud in my brain
Where ... are my zig-zags and my lighters?
so I can roll it and set it on fire

Oh, wait a sec'. That was Cypress Hill. My bad. I mean, what was I thinking. Oh yeah. JD. Let's see, where is it...

/me does a keyword search thru his copy of the JD

keyword mari[jh]uana

keyword hemp
7:272 (Daniel H. Wells)
9:31 (Brigham Young)
9:182 (Daniel H. Wells)
10:70 (Orson Hyde)
10:99 (Ezra T. Benson)
10:121 (George A. Smith)
10:155 (Orson Hyde)
10:200 (Brigham Young)
11:129 (Brigham Young)
15:27 (George A. Smith)
(10 hits)

Sorry to disappoint you man, but all the references to hemp in the JD turn up boring stuff about using it to make rope and canvas and other "home manufactures" stuff. Part of the whole "self-sufficiency" thing. Nothing at all about recreational uses of the ol' 4-20. It wasn't until well after the JD era that the GA's started straight-up ballin' and admonishing us to take hits from the fattest bong in the land.

-- Misaneroth