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Question #14479 posted on 05/26/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Apollinaire did a parody of Verlaine's poem, "Il pleure dans mon coeur." Apollinaire's version starts with the line, "Il flotte dans mes bottes." I can only find the first four lines of Apollinaire's version online. Where's the rest of the poem?

- Jemima

A: Dear Jemima,

I searched the internet, and didn't find any more than you did. I searched ARTFL (a private online database of French literature), and didn't find the poem at all. I went to the HBLL and searched the index of about two dozen books by Apollinaire, and I didn't find the poem listed there, either. (And I went out of town for a month in the middle, which is why this question is so old.)

I can only conclude that it isn't considered of great enough literary value to have been collected and published. I don't know why you can only find the first four lines online--is it possible he only wrote the first four lines?

- Katya