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Question #145 posted on 08/14/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
By and large, is it to your statistical advantage to attack or defend at Risk?
- Risky Business

A: Dear Risky Business,
As you are aware, the advantages and disadvantage change with specific situation in the game. If you are attacking with four or more armies, then it is to your advantage to attack. If you have three armies or less, then the advantage is to defend. However, advantage goes to the player with more territories in multiples of three. So you may choose to attack even when you have few armies in order to increase territory count. And then there's the issue of cards. But if you are looking for a general strategy, it has been my experience that those with an overall offensive strategy, but who choose to be defensive at a few critical junctures will win the game more often than those with an overall defensive strategy.
- The Observer