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Question #14635 posted on 04/18/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board and Qupinthy, (Board Question #14328)

I'm a moron. I had the Simon and Garfunkel CD in question the whole time. The very first song on Wednesday Morning, 3 am is "You Can Tell the World," and that's the Christian sounding song I was thinking about. None of the phrases I provided you with were exactly right, so it's not your fault that you couldn't find it without reading my mind. And really, the song doesn't explicitly name Christ as the Savior, but come on- "Talkin' bout a man from Galilee..." Anyway, my mom, the self-described Folk Nazi, is appalled that you suggested it was sung by Crossbeats. I think it's a harmless mistake. Sorry to cause the trouble I did when I had the answer all along.

- Trillian