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Question #15783 posted on 06/16/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear CGNU Grad,

I was looking at Provo crime statistics once, and I seem to recall that Provo's violent crime rate was well below the national average, but that our rape rate was extraordinarily high--almost double the average. Is this really true? (Have I remembered accurately?) And, if so, why are there so many rapes in Provo?

- Goldfish Girl

A: Dear Goldfish Girl,

Well, a quick Google search brought me to a super helpful site: http://provo.areaconnect.com/crime1.htm.

As you can see, while Provo's overall crime rate is better than the average, we are about on par with the nation for rapes. So no explanation needed for why we are higher since we aren't.

That cover it?

-CGNU Grad