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Question #1642 posted on 11/24/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I know who NKOTB is. How much will you pay for that information?
- The Keeper of the Information

A: Dear TKotI,

Are you trying to associate yourself with our Keeper of Changes-According-to-Subject-Matter Psuedonyms? That is a lofty goal, seeing as how The Keeper is BRILLIANT. But hey, no harm in aiming for the stars, my friend, as long as you're willing to settle for a hard plummet back to earth.

So you know who NKOTB is, eh? Well, Mr. Wanna Be Keeper, you are not the only one (see postings approximately 2-3 days before this one). Who do you think you're trying to buy off, anyhow? You trying to treat the Omniscient Board like a Vegas showgirl? Fat chance!

-Not about to be bought
A: Dear Imitation-Is-The-Sincerest-Form-Of-Flattery:

We know too. So it's not worth too much to us.

-- The Keeper of Public Goods