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Question #16728 posted on 07/19/2005 4:27 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Could you find some links to why Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is considered such an amazing story, or why it's even Shakespeare's best? I can't seem to understand why.

- Insomniax

A: Dear Insomniax,

To answer your question directly: yes, yes we could. Of course, I¡¦m guessing that you actually want us to go out and find such links and then report them to you. Well, that¡¦s two extra steps, but okay. Here are some links:

- Hephaestus
A: Dear Insomniax,

This paper, which I've linked before in discussions of Peirce, gives an explanation in terms of the characters structure:


-A. A. Melyngoch