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Question #1689 posted on 11/25/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have you ever noticed once you start writing questions, many others suddenly pop into your mind? Last one, i swear...ok, so I've been following with interest the recent string of reports in the DU about reported "flash mob" activities on campus. I, for one, am pleasantly surprised...BYU could use a little more randomness. Anyway, the article in the 11/21/03 DU said the mobs were being organized by the mysterious "Scooter Washburn". Any idea who this person is, and how I could get in touch with him so as to keep the flash mob phenomenon going?

- ozone

A: Dear Ozone,

Scooter Washburn is really Jon Rowe. You can find his number on route Y. He lives in Orem and is probably the funniest man you will ever meet.

The captain
A: Dear ozone,

Also see the first post on 19 Nov. [Board Question #1467]

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