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Dear 100 Hour Board,
What does the church think about the basic concept of the DaVinci Code book? Is there a chance Jesus and Mary could have been married?

A: Dear Stephanie,

The church has taken no official position on the book. Why would it?? The church is a worldwide organization of 12 million members. The book is... well... a work of fiction. Yes, it is fiction... I know that is difficult for many to accept (and, even more annoying, it is spawning a whole new type of tourism in France... sigh...)

Is Jesus married? Probably. There has been some discussion of this in the Mormon community at every level. But, since it has not been revealed or confirmed, it is not something on which the church will take a public position. We all assume he is because he had to fulfill all the ordinances of the gospel to enter heaven and set an example.

But, at the same time, with as much weird stuff that "Christianity" has done to His mother, you can imagine what they would do if He had been more explicit about his eternal companion.

And, if it was Mary of Magdala, they have already tried to call her a woman of ill repute. Talk about disrespectful!

There is, however, more support for the Apostles being married. But, that information was left out of the bible.

Remember, none of the above is official LDS church position, but the postulates of various persons withing the LDS community. It is not doctrine. Understanding any of the above is not essential to our enternal salvation.

But, it is still fun to talk about... respectfully.

That is all.