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Question #173 posted on 08/12/2003 midnight

A bonus comment about yesterday's "Daemon" question:
In computer parlance, the term "daemon" (commonly pronounced "DAY-mn") refers to a program on a Unix system that runs in the background, performing tasks automatically, or sitting and waiting for a user's request. For instance, there are daemons that sort and deliver email, daemons that handle requests for web pages, daemons that authorize people to log into the system, daemons that process database transactions, etc. They get their name because they are the minions of "The System" (with its implied sense of deification), not intelligent enough to run "The System" itself, but without which "The System" loses functionality.

The canonical visual representation of a computer "daemon" is the FreeBSD logo. He's the cute little red guy in the top left corner at http://www.freebsd.org/ .

So congratulations, you are a non-interactive background process on a Unix system. Now go sort my email box.
- Misaneroth