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Question #17315 posted on 08/08/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Besides waiting for the upcoming semester to happen so I can ask my Bishop, is there another way to find out which halls in Heritage Halls are in the same ward together? I'll be in Maeser and was wondering which other halls will be with me. (Ignore my terrible wording, I'm tired)


A: Dear Jade,

Yep. From the BYU home page, just click the link on the lower left that says "Stakes & Wards." It'll take you to http://plantwo.byu.edu/churchweb/index.htm, where you can find information on any BYU ward of your choice. You'll be in the same ward as Penrose and A. Richards, meeting for sacrament meeting at 10:40am in 2170 JKB.