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Question #17348 posted on 08/04/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board and Eto Camoe,

The church recently came out with a new translation of the Book of Mormon in Dutch, complete with footnotes and chapter headings, just like the English one, so I wouldn't be surprised if the rumors about a new translation of the Russian Book of Mormon turned out to be true, although I also have no idea when that would happen. Alsjeblief!

- lekker lekker

A: Dear lekker lekker,

The Portuguese translation of the Book of Mormon is also in its second manifestation. The first one was filled with mistakes.

So, the church translation department is constantly working on new translations. They do everything from monthly messages to scriptures. It's a tough job. Scriptures especially require a lot of time and editing to make sure the translation is effective.

Kudos to the translation department. Hopefully they clean up the Russian one soon.


Bispo Pedro