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Question #17391 posted on 08/09/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How much would a bouquet like
cost if it were made of real flowers? I don't need an exact amount, I am just searching for a rough ballpark.

- Budgeting

A: Dear Budgeting,

As you may have found in your online search, ordering flowers is easy over the internet. The bouquet you pictured features candlelight roses, which run pretty cheap. The bouquet you linked to featured 16 candlelight roses and I found bouquets featuring 36 candlelight roses (and no lavender or baby's breath accents) for $55.00. Bouquets with similar amounts of roses and lavender accents run between $45 and $80. I suggest doing online searches and ordering your bouquet that way since you are, I'm assuming, trying to find the best bouquet for the best price. Good luck!

-la bamba