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Question #1756 posted on 11/29/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I just recently purchased a home computer. (Much to my wife's elation). Anyway I am now beginning the search for a reasonable ISP. We both use cell phones, so we don't have a landline phone. That means dial-ups are out. I have been searching around for some other ISP's that weren't $50 a month. Do any of you board members have a suggestion? Also, I have heard that some cable comapanies offer cable tv and cable internet for lower price...does anything in Provo work like that?

- Feeling Disconnected

A: Dear Disconnected,

Earthlink is pretty cheap- $22 for DSL and $30 for cable. That's the cheapest I've seen. Most cable companies do have a deal for "discounted" internet if you are concurrently purchasing their cable TV feed. Comcast has that deal in Provo, but the "discount" brings it down to $43/mth, which isn't particularly cheap considering you're also paying the TV feed. I'd say try shopping around the local cable providers and see what you can find.

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