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Question #17709 posted on 08/22/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is there anything the campus operators don't know?? And how do they know so much?

-lil freshman

A: Dear freshie,

Yes, there are things they don't know. I called them the other day when I was stranded out of town and thought I would miss my final to ask for my part-time religion professor's office phone number. They couldn't find it for me. How do they know so much? Well, they look it up on the computers that are at their desks, of course.

A: Dear Lil' Brudder,

Interestingly enough, the campus operators at least used to refer their callers to this very 100 Hour Board when they were stumped (and I believe they use us as a resource too). However, most of their information comes from their custom-made, secure website. It is linked to tons of easy to access databases with lots of random knowledge, but unfortunately you can only access it with a username and password.