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Question #178 posted on 08/11/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How hard is it to get a summer internship in investment banking.... really?
- Dilbert

A: Dear Dilbert,
Well, if you're too lazy to research the question yourself, then it's probably going to be AMAZINGLY difficult for you to get a summer internship in investment banking. Yes, really. I was going to have a couple of examples for you, and some URLs that you could follow up on for more details, but strangely enough my IE won't stop freezing on me. And I can't remember the ftp site for Netscape to download 7.1, so I am apparently isolated from the internet because of blasted Microsoft and its inferior product. Blargh! I'm gonna go ahead and re-image my drive, and I'd get back to you after that but I will have erased this email and any others that I've received since about 10 days ago, so sorry 'bout that. This is as good as the answer gets.
- PEZkopf