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Question #1781 posted on 12/05/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Over the weekend I saw an article in the Church News regarding pornography addictions. The story related about the guy sounded like some of my roommates. What should I do?
-Concerned roommate

A: Dear Concerned Roomie,

Your roomie was disfellowshiped for talking on sex phone lines while his wife was pregnant? Honestly if you think your roommate has a problem with looking at nudies on the internet you should first confront him (in a christlike manner). Tell him why you are concerned, what you have seen to make you think that way etc...

Regardless of his response, encourage him to go talk to his bishop (unless of course you conclude you were wrong). If you have difinite proof and he refuses to talk to the bishop, you have to go talk to your bishop and then possibly the honor code office. Remember this must be done with love and compasssion. Read D&C 121.

The Captain