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Question #18101 posted on 09/05/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So we have sunglasses and glasses that change from clear to tinted depending on the ambient light, but why don't we have sun contacts? I mean, can you think of something cooler than having gas permeable, UV blocking, tint changing contacts? Is it just that it is hard to do? Has no one thought of it before? Or did someone try it and it didn't work (didn't sell)?

- Fredjikrang

A: Dear Fredjikrang,

I like your idea! I wear gas permeable contact lenses myself, and I'm convinced they make my eyes more sensitive to sunlight. I'm not sure why such tinted contact lenses have never been marketed before. Nike has developed an outdoor sports lens (an interesting article on that can be found here) but, of course, that wouldn't be practical for everyday life.

Contact wearers have the ability to wear regular sunglasses (I suppose glasses wearers could do that too, but why double up when one pair will suffice?). Contact lens technology has really been taking off lately, so you may expect to see something similar to your idea in the near future.

-contact on my Iris (I know that's cheesy, but I couldn't resist)
A: Dear Fredjikrang,

I would presume it's because it would look strange to only have a small circle of darkness on your eye. From a distance, it might look as though you just had gigantic pupils. My apologies to both you and Iris, but I certainly wouldn't buy such a product.

Just a thought.

- Optimistic.