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Question #1823 posted on 12/06/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What exactly is a "hot date"?
All my love,
Luke Warm

A: Dear Luke Warm

I'll show you if you want.

The captain
A: Dear Luke,

One that gets you landed in your Bishop's office.

- Um, no, I DON'T know from experience...
A: Dear LW,

August 15, if spent in Arizona. Especially if spent in a car with no AC, windows rolled up. Not too cold, you don't even need a light jacket.

A: Dear Luke,

It is the experience of going out with me.

- Mighty Quinn
A: Dear Warm Hand Luke:

Heat one of those little wrinkly things off a date palm to about 40 celsius and you've got yourself a hot date that won't ever turn you down.

-- The Keeper of Hot Dates, Hot Mustard, and Hot Peppers
A: Dear Luke Warm,
I'm not sure. But I tell myself that I have one with my textbooks every once in awhile. They must not be so hot 'cause sometimes I forget about them.
- Aprender