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Question #1828 posted on 12/06/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 hour board,

The s15 spec R is not available in the US. No s15 is. What is the best car for drifting in the US?

- Sleeping Silvia

A: Dear SS,

Man, I spent myself on the first answer (12/1/03). I've read that even a stock 240 SX can drift, sucka, so go get one. In the drifting community, as with all car/racing cultures, speculating about which drifter is the best is a good way to drop kick yourself into a seriously heated debate. You should go to http://www.drifting.com and join one of their message boards. Those guys know everything and I'll even bet the nym "SleepingSylvia" is available for ya. Now beat it.