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Question #18373 posted on 09/13/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Ok, so you know how scriptures come in that huge old big print size, the medium and then the tiny small ones- well can you get a hymn book that could go with your regular medium sized scrips or do they only have them in that tiny size?


A: Dear Star,

The nice Leather-bound copies of Hymns only comes in the compact size. It is designed to be a portable Hymn book, not necessarily to match your scriptures. I have a little canvas zip case for mine, so it is red now (I got that at the MTC... one of the best purchases I have ever made).

You can get the Hymnbook in all manner of sizes, including the gargantuan-print version (a legally blind guy in my ward uses those). But, they are all either the simple green-bound or the spiral bound (and still green) versions.

That is all.

Horatio the Musician