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Question #18454 posted on 06/30/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What department at BYU is in charge of making concrete paths and walkways? I have a couple of good suggestions. Do they take (and more importantly, do anything with) student suggestions?
- clinker

A: Dear Clinker,
Campus Planning makes those decisions. I'm certain they'd be more than happy to take your suggestions, as far as what they'd do with them I can't say... You could try calling campus planning directly, at 422.5504, or you could send them a letter (or stop by their office) at 240 BRWB. Since the planning of pathways and paving is somewhat of a long-term issue, I doubt if you'd see any immediate changes, but hey- you could always benefit future generations! (and that's just so fulfilling, isn't it?)
::: Latro :::