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Question #18811 posted on 09/24/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What exactly is EXSC 101R-- Activities for Fitness and Weight Control? The website doesn't list a description. I'm looking for an easy and non-demanding gym class. Have I found my match?


A: Dear yuppie,

Sorry, but EXSC 101R ain't yo match. I axed the department about it, and they say that class ain't for nobody else but them EXSC 349 Honors students of Barbara Lockhart. It just be for them students who wanna do her program of exercise in addition to the regular EXSC 349 coursework.

As for an easy gym class, EXSC 125 (Flexibility) might be for you. Board Question #1634 say a bit more bout it. That class ain't nothin but stretchin, takin power naps and drinkin water. My girl from MadTown took it a couple years ago, and she say it was the easiest class she ever had at BYU.