"That's about as likely as a collaboration between David Bowie and the Muppets." - Katya
Question #1884 posted on 12/06/2003 4:31 a.m.

You know, I'd take you up on your offer, but the only problem is that now that the secrets out, everybody's gonna wanna date the 5 tuba chicks you know. I can't compete with that, I mean all I've got going for me is kissing and playing music. There's also the whole distance thing. Unless any of them are traveling east for Christmas, the cards are stacked against me. Otherwise, I'd say hook me up!
- trueblat

A: trueblat my BROtha...
They will come to you. In droves. Like the salmon of capistrano. And it's true, they're all beautiful and talented and in high demand. I'll see what I can do about getting one or all of them out east over Christmas. Heck, I'm coming as far as the Mississippi, I can just bring one or two with me and then send them on from there...
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