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Question #18880 posted on 05/20/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Where can I find cheap airfare for flying to London sometime in August? Can I get plane tickets for under $400?
- Summer Traveler

A: Dear Summer Traveler,
You didn't mention where you were traveling from. If you were traveling from New York or the edge of a major coastline, maybe. I did a search from Provo, Utah (to be random) and pulled a cheap price of $950. You could also check with STA travel, they sometimes have student discounts, or check with the travel office at BYU, should you be a student here. Have fun in London, I like it a lot.
For cheap traveling to London you could use British websites like lastminute.co.uk, or easyjet.com. They're often very inexpensive.
- Duchess