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Question #18918 posted on 05/13/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How many Cinemark dollar theaters are there? Who would I talk to about getting a dollar theater in my hometown (which has a junior college and a university--which means lots of poor college students)?
- 50 Cent Tuesday

A: Dear 50 Cent Tuesday,
Well, given the complete lack of attention Cinemark gave to any of my inquiries (including a long-distance phone call), I would be willing to bet that either:

a) They don't know how many dollar theaters they have
b) They don't care about opening any more
c) They don't want poor college students as patrons, only people with $9.50 to waste on two hours of mass-produced Hollywood tripe
d) Their customer service department is run by a troop of chimpanzees
e) All of the above

- Jack Lint