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Question #18934 posted on 05/09/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What are the required courses for freshmen at BYU?
- Can't find it anywhere

A: Dear You Aren't Looking Hard Enough,
There aren't necessarily required classes for freshman, per say, but there are general education classes required by the university that must be finished, and most freshmen begin some of those general ed requirements as freshmen (and others wait until they're seniors, but that's another story). General Education courses can be found at http://ar.byu.edu/class_schedule/info/fall2003/, look for "general education" under the "requirements" section in the left column links.
Also, if you have a specific major in mind, you could go to that specific advisement center and they'll give you an academic plan, or layout, of what classes you should take at what time to graduate (usually) in 4 years. Sometimes the plans can be found online in the department's website. I wish you luck, oh freshman.
- Duchess